Sunday, March 22, 2009

An update on the Froggypond and a FREEBIE

Well, have been doing a little "quality checking" for Kristmess. I was her first CT, at Gottapixel, way back when. Then I decided to try my hand at designing, and had to leave her team. As I have a "little bit" of time, here and there, she was very gracious to offer me the opportunity to "work" (actually, have fun) with her again.
You can see the awesome Kristmess designs in the store.
I found some useful information about how to go about SELLING right here on my BLOG.When I get some down time, I am going to set this up so you can purchase my designs until I am able to get back into designing with a "real" site.
Dyanna and Cheryl, former owners of The Scrapping Garden, have opened a new store. YEAH YEAH YEAH. Go to to see the new store and gallery. Many of the designers from TSG have moved to Kiss ... it is definitely a site to check out.
As you know, I am preparing to market my home in a few weeks. I need to leave behind this huge house and move into a nice, cozy condo or townhouse. Since mom passed away, and my eldest son, Michael is "finally" able to move out on his own, I no longer need a 3 bedroom, two and a half bath house. I would much rather spend my spare time designing for you, rather than take care of house, pool, gardens, repairs ... well, you get the picture.
Today, my kids are all coming over, with a few of their friends, for a painting party. I have taken tomorrow off from work to finish, and probably "fix" mistakes the "kids" make today ... LOL.
In any event, check back here when you get the chance for more freebies, and insight into my life without design!
Here is a little QP freebie for you ... ENJOY.
Download link here

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